The growth in organizations adopting business process modeling techniques has grown considerably in recent years as business managers, process architects and process analysts seek to better understand, streamline and automate their business processes and communicate their needs to across the enterprise.Every day, kayzed helps organizations worldwide improve their core, operational business processes. Our leading, innovative solutions coupled with our modeling and collaboration platform enable organizations to capture, analyze, publish and improve their current business processes, and as a result increase levels efficiency and quality of service.With a profound reputation for delivering Business Process Modeling, we offer a highly effective

six sigma

Six Sigma

six sigma

SixSigma is now according to many business development and quality improvementexperts, the most popular management methodology in history. Six Sigma is certainlya very big industry in its own right, and Six Sigma is now an enormous 'brand'in the world of corporate development.


First, Six Sigma isarguably a very clever way of branding and packaging many aspects of TotalQuality Management that exist in their own right, regardless of the developmentof Six Sigma.

Six Sigma is lots ofdifferent things because it had different meanings over time, and also becauseit is now interpreted in increasingly different ways. And Six Sigma is stillevolving

Six Sigma is a businessimprovement methodology that focuses an organization on:

·        Understanding and managing customerrequirements

·        Aligning key business processes to achievethose requirements

·        Utilizing rigorous data analysis tominimize variation in those processes

·        Driving rapid and sustainable improvementto business processes.."

"..At the heart ofthe methodology is the DMAIC model for process improvement. DMAIC is commonlyused by Six Sigma project teams and is an acronym for:

·        Define opportunity

·        Measure performance

·        Analyze opportunity

·        Improve performance

·        Control performance.."

"...Six SigmaManagement System: Through experience, Motorola has learned that disciplineduse of metrics and application of the methodology is still not enough to drivedesired breakthrough improvements and results that are sustainable over time.For greatest impact, Motorola ensures that process metrics and structuredmethodology are applied to improvement opportunities that are directly linkedto the organizational strategy. When practiced as a management system, SixSigma is a high performance system for executing business strategy. Six Sigmais a top-down solution to help organizations:

·        Align their business strategy to criticalimprovement efforts

·        Mobilize teams to attack high impactprojects

·        Accelerate improved business results

·        Govern efforts to ensure improvements aresustained.."

"..The Six SigmaManagement System drives clarity around the business strategy and the metricsthat most reflect success with that strategy. It provides the framework toprioritize resources for projects that will improve the metrics, and itleverages leaders who will manage the efforts for rapid, sustainable, andimproved business results

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The Kayzed Consultants understands how to design and develop certification or accreditation ready management systems from the ground Up.
We guarantee your management system will get certified or accredited at a reasonable cost.

ISO Management Consultancy

Kayzed offers comprehensive Cost efective ISO Consultancy services

ISO Management Certification

Experienced Consultants to make tailored make documents for garneted ISO certificate

ISO Management Training

Assuring best of Quality Management System, Quality Assurance Services, and Food Safety Systems Training

ISO Management Auditing

Assuring best of ISO Management System Auditing

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Easy Hassle free tailored made documentation to fit for any organization.

Business Process Re-engineering

Unique team combination of practical experience and subject matter expertise enables us to provide innovative management consulting that creates a positive and lasting impact

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ISO consulting, training, certification, Auditing & Implementation against various standards like ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environment Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health Safety Management System, ISO 50001 EnMS Energy Management System, ISO / IEC 17025 Laboratory accreditation management system, ISO 27001 information management system, ISO 20000 IT Service Management System, HACCP ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System etc.
Leading Iso Certification Consultants in Saudi Arabia.

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Quality Management System

ISO 14001

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ISO 27001

Information Security management System (ISMS)

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BusinessProcess Improvement

KayzedSolutions helps you gain:

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Employee morale and loyalty
  • Quality and delivery performance
  • Performance commitments/business goals
  • Financial performance and profitability
  • Sustainable higher productivity


Kayzedoffers project management expertise along with comprehensive knowledge ofquality methods and tools. Together, these enable us to design an integratedapproach to implementing solutions that match your needs and are aligned withyour business objectives and goals.
We provide leadership, facilitation and support in managing businessimprovement projects. Whether it’s large organizational improvements, focusedanalysis, or a specific issue, you receive the appropriate, cost-effectiveassistance.

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